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Our Mission

[Zest] - tiny bits of lemon peel used in cuisine to enhance flavors

Our mission: Connection. Beyond food, hearts connecting together... connecting to ourselves, to you and your senses and to the planet we share as our home. With our ears to the Earth, we are here to fill your life with flavours and to nourish your soul with an array of the best locally grown tasty fruits, shoots and roots. We’re here to add flavors in your life, to bring this little zesty sparkle that will light your day, and feed your emotions...

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Earth is destined to be a paradise for all beings, humans included. For a while, humans have acted a bit naughty, forgetting the wellbeing of other earthling.

Now it’s time to step up, fit in and evolve into the powerful and loving creators that we are. Earth loves us so much, and if we put in the effort to understand her, and work with her, she will bathe us in an abundance of luxury such as clean water, self sustaining forests and a cool breeze to soothe our busy heads.

Where to start? Right here, today, by eating the foods that Mother Nature is yearning to feed us. In Bali that means colourful fruits, filling roots, fragrant spices and a sprinkle of heritage rice.

Let’s use our unique human skills to prepare these badass ingredients into dishes we want to eat every day!


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At Zest, we just love to chill as fuck, and we believe you should too! So for the comfort of your sweet ass we created a very cozy place and put a fuckton of Sofas and Chill Areas ! All this in a decor that mixes old Balinese traditional architecture and modern motherfucking art.

Kickass View

Come and enjoy a badass view overlooking the Campuhan Bridges lush ass jungle. Right on our iron wood deck, you seriously can see the most stunning Avatar tree in Ubud. Really... worth a fucking visit!


All ingredients for the restaurant sourced locally. We support organic farmers, local artisans and even our staff grow some of our produce at home! Ask them about it. Our chef’s inspiration comes from his multiple hectare rainforest gardens in Tabanan.

Senses and simplicity. This means chopping, crushing, grilling, wokking, fermenting, tasting and trying until we get it right.
We bless every dish with love and enthusiasms before it reaches your table and we try to never be too proud to embrace your constructive feedback. Help us get better!


What they say?

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ZEST Ingredients

Some local ingredients that drives us crazy at ZEST

Badass Soursop

Amazon original with a long history in Bali. This super sweet and sour super food is rumoured to scare of parasites and kill cancer cells faster than Chuck Norris. True or not, we believe soursop is a hero and when in season we celebrate this gentle warrior in our smoothies and more.

(Rock)Star Fruit/Belimbing

This star shaped celebrity is loaded with dietary fibers, vitamins C, B2, B6 and B9 and minerals such as phosphorus, potassium, zinc and iron. Said enough? Shine on Star fruit!

Moringa/daun kelor

Wonder why they call her the tree of life? This alchemist of a tree can turn rough soil into chocolate and will survive droughts pretending it’s a cactus.This miracle tree can increase breast milk production in new Mothers, ward off bad spirits and act as the parasite police. Can we say a little thank you to Moringa??

We are so happy to use you all over our menu!. Every part of this tree is LOADED with vitamins minerals and enzymes and this plant is used to treat over 300 diseases. She grows all over mother Bali! Fresh in salad, in soups and even smoothies, daun kelor is our little mascot at ZEST!

Mungbean/kacang hijo

This wonderful green little nugget is an important part of the Balinese diet. Protein packed and nutrient rich, no wonder it has been used for thousands years in Ayurvedic Diets.


A farmers dream, as this fulfilling root vegetable grows easy from cutting or seeds, healing the soil and nourishing our stomach all whilst remaining humble and shy. Time to step onto the big stage cassava! Time to rock and roll!

NANGKA or Jackfruit

Jack is our hero. This gentle giant can grow up to 40 kilos, easily the biggest tree fruit on the planet. The tree can grow 1000 years old and produce more food than an entire village could eat.

No wonder we use it all over our menu. We turn the young fruit into meaty stringy chunks of goodness. We use the protein rich seeds too. And the ripe fruit is delicious in smoothies and with granola!

KUNYIT 0r Turmeric

This bright yellow health booster has too many benefits to mention. Blood flow, dental health, energy booster, you name is, kunyit has it. Our chef names his dog after it. We love you that much, Kunyit.


We want to empower people through their Zest experience. True power comes from connexion, and true connexion comes with vulnerability. Our Events encourage our guest to truly connect with their own kind. A stranger Is no stranger if you can look at his heart with empathy.


ZEST & Music

Music touches emotionally, where word alone can’t. It has the power to makes us smile, and bring us to all kind of tears. At Zest we are Music lovers, and we share that via our Soundcloud podcast or via our Dj Set Nights

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We’re here to add flavors in the life of our guests by cooking simple and delicious combinations of locally grown whole food plant-based cuisine.

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Chief’s Word

Made with Love

Chef Simon, creator of www.newearthcooking.com,
designed Zest’s inventive menu.

He also established over a 100 acres of Food Forest in Bali that partly supply Zest.

Easy to Find

Jl Raya Penestanan Kelod no.8 (1.24 km) 80571, Ubud

+62 823 4006 5048

Opening Hours

7:30AM - 11PM
7:30AM - 11PM
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7:30AM - 11PM
7:30AM - 11PM
7:30AM - 11PM
7:30AM - 11PM